Saturday, August 4, 2012

Y Chromosome report...

   Down 17 lbs. from the start.  My original goal appears to have been to lose 28 lbs.  I am trying to see progress where I can.  In some pants, I am in the 4th notch of my belt.  I can wear some shirts that I stopped wearing because I felt like a sausage in a casing.  A pair of jeans that I had not worn in awhile have a bit of room in them.
   I am doing at least 15 minutes of martial arts each day- usually Escrima- except on Thursday when I have my class that night or on Saturdays which is the day of the Escrima class.  Class days practice time is 45- 60 minutes.  (The people at my work are already accustomed to my strange habits, so it's no biggie when I walk in w/two sticks and then go out to our unused warehouse for 15 minutes.)
   I am really enjoying the Escrima class especially since I can be lazy and just be a student instead of coming up w/the material.  (I was fairly pleased as today myself and two other gents were offhandedly referred to as advanced students.  W00t!)
   Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Friday have become my nights to bike.  I go for a least 30 minutes.  I have 3 mile loop that I figured on Google maps that passes by the MCT terminal in Wood River and the Aquatic center.  I usually start anywhere from 9:30 to 11:00 PM.  (Main St. Wood River is deader than dead at night so it works great!)  I do my loop twice and w/to and from home it's 7 miles altogether.
   When we take the kids to YMCA for swimming, I usually do water jogging for 15+ minutes to get something besides family time out of the trip.  (I am thinking about taking a water noodle and some PVC and making water Escrima sticks for resistance work.)
  I still feel like I am in the company of titans w/ all of you, especially my dear wife.  Keep inspiring me my exercise muses.
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lizS said...

erik you are doing AWESOME!! doesn't it feel GREAT when you start to fit into old clothes?!! keep it up big guy! (and i won't be able to call you big guy if you do. more like, medium sized guy, lol!)