Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Start to the Week!

First thing:
I weighed in this morning and lost 4 pounds!  Periods will do that to you, but I am super happy with the loss.  The delayed girly cycle also explains why I wasn't losing despite my best efforts, and was in fact creeping up in numbers.  I basically lost around 11 pounds in two weeks.  Being a girl is just so much FUN sometimes.  (I'll give you a minute to wipe the sarcasm off your computer)  But still, I'm 129 now, sub 130!  Booyah!
Second thing:
I did more in depth cleaning of my house.  Will I NEVER get it up to picture and show readiness?!  UGH!
Third thing:
I did 1 hour of Zumba tonight.  She had to move it from Thursday to Friday this week, and since we are spending the day with Todd and Suzanne, I can't do Friday.  So today it was!  Not as hard a workout as last Thursday, but good nonetheless. 
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Weight loss is always a bonus! I do think how active you were on your girly time shows great progress too.

lizS said...

i know right?! i couldn't BELIEVE the amount of stuff i was able to do this time. it was totally nuts! lol!