Friday, March 1, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday

This has been such a busy week!!  I'm finding time to work out, but having a hard time remembering to post about it!
Wednesday was my first swim class!  It was TOTALLY fun!  There was only one other lady there, and she's actually on a slightly lower level than I am, which I really didn't think was possible.  It's nice, though, because we started at her level and I was able to start at absolute basics, which is what I wanted to do.  Our instructor is a super nice, really upbeat 68 year old man who is just the best instructor ever.  He made everything tons of fun, and never made us feel stupid or inadequate.  Quite the contrary, he told me I was a natural!  We learned a lot that first class, and I hope to be able to keep up that rate of progression.  He is having hip surgery this week, though, so we'll be getting a new instructor next week.  We met her, and she seems really nice too, so I'm not worried about switching.  :)
Yesterday, oh ladies, I was on FIRE!  Todd and Suzanne came over, and John and Todd wanted to go running, and they invited me!  So, this was my first Sever Family Run, lol!  We started out on my 1.5 mile loop, and they dropped me at the house and kept going.  They knew I couldn't run the whole thing, and it was cool with them.  But guess what?  I RAN THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!  I even made it up a hill I NEVER even make part of the way up because it's right in the middle of the run!  The whole 1.5 miles!!!  I am SO STOKED.  I did it in about 15 minutes.
And since Thursday is usually a Zumba night, and the run only took me 15 minutes, I went to Zumba too, lol!!  It was definitely harder, and of course tonight was my instructors hardest routine yet!  It was nineties night, which was really cool for me, but all of her new routines were killer!  It felt great though, it was awesome.  I went to bed TOTALLY wiped out, and slept like a rock.  :D
The Almighty Liz


lizS said...

oh, i forgot to put in my post that the swim class is not much of a workout. like, at all. so, i'll have to remember to work out on wednesdays until that class is over and i can do some actual laps somewhere. :P

timpani76 said...

Maybe you are one of those people who runs better with running buddies? Good job!