Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weigh-In and Sucky Run

I didn't do anything on Friday because I was feeling puny.  By Friday night, I knew why: I had a stomach bug.
Logically, I didn't do anything on Saturday either. 
I was feeling better on Sunday but not great, so I didn't do anything yesterday but weigh-in.  I lost five pounds!  Not surprising, it's all down my toilet.  I'm at 127 now.  Veeeeery close to where I want to be, and I've decided that as long as I'm under 130, I'm good. 
Today, I tried to go for a run, and it was awful.  About 1/2 mile into it, I felt like I was going to puke.  I walked a little more, tried again, and had to sit on the side of the road with my head between my legs for awhile.  Bronx was very concerned when I did that.  I walked the rest of the way home, the short way, not my usual 1.5 mile loop.  I almost had to call John to pick me up, but I made it. 
I am going to take it super easy at swim lessons tomorrow.  Hopefully by Thursday I'll be up for Zumba.  My instructor is doing a new song that I recommended, and I don't want to miss it!
The Almighty Liz

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timpani76 said...

I had something on saturday night that had me up on the toilet several times in the wee hours. I was lucky that I did not throw up (though it was touch and go for a few hours). Take it easy lady and come back even stronger!

I'm waiting until Saturday to weigh in again, so I will see if I lost some of that pesky weight then.