Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How I Hate Intervals

I did my speed workout today. 4 - 1/2 mile + 2 - 1/4 mile as fast as I could maintain for those distances. My first 1/2 mile was 3:30, my 2nd was 3:35 and by the last 1/2 mile I was at 3:45. My first 1/4 mile (after having done 4 -1/2 mile bursts) was 1:28 although I think my 1/4 mile route is closer to 1/5 mile. I don't remember what my last burst was. I'm just not made for speed. It feels all kinds of awkward! I'm thinking of having Bruce tape me trying to run fast so we can look at it an try to work on my technique. That is if I don't die of embarrassment watching myself try to run fast.

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timpani76 said...

I've been thinking I might really need to like "race" someone to get myself up to full speed for sprints. Maybe you could try racing Bruce, and then having him tape you ;)