Friday, August 7, 2009

Hurts so good

The dog walked me for over an hour today. Half of that I had Tyler on my back and Ethan telling me to go faster. We finally find this great hidden park that we were looking for and the park ranger tells me there are no dogs allowed. So I got to stand there outside the fence for half an hour with my dog while the kids played. All the comfortable park benches were in the park, so I just leaned on the chain link fence and looked pathetic. (No sympathy from park ranger)

It's OK though, my children showed me their appreciation when we got home by throwing a huge fit because I would not let them watch TV. AHHHH, feel the love.


timpani76 said...

You have park police? Jerks! Glad your kids show their appreciation as much as mine ;) I don't think they really learn "appreciation" until they have kids of their own!

Renae said...

Darn TV. I think I must holler "turn off the TV!" about a million times a day!

Good job on your hike though!