Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride

I rode with the Godzillas 19 miles. Since I'm riding Terry, my FIL's 2nd bike in the race on Saturday, I got to train on it last night. It's a MUCH better bike than mine and it made a HUGE difference! Too bad I've got to give it back! On my bike I am out horsed by pretty much everyone on the team. We all start out in one big body and ride together in a pack for the first bit, then string out pretty quickly after we hit the road (as opposed to the bike trail). On Terry's bike I was able to hang on to the faster pack much longer than on my own (though I still did get dropped eventually). It was a great change. Alas, next week it's back to my old nag. Oh well. I averaged 19.1 mph (according to the computer on Terry's bike, which he says is slow). I don't know what precisely I average on my own bike because it doesn't have a computer on it. I've had to go off of other people's data who finished around me. I think I was finishing around 17 -18ish on my bike.

After the bike ride, I ran 1 mile just to train the transition.

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timpani76 said...

I think my brain exploded reading that you biked "19 miles", and then you ran 1 mile too!!!