Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Pilates Workout 1 Hour (Strength Workout)

So, I keep forgetting to use the DVDs that I pick up from the library, and review them like I said I would. But, I finally did today! I might do another tomorrow actually.

Review of "Caribbean Workout" Pilates DVD: This DVD was taken from a popular workout TV show called Caribbean Workout, and it looks she does pretty much every workout under the sun on her show at some time.

I liked it better than the other Pilates DVD I did that I got from the library. I felt like I used my abs more, and it also had a whole 20 minute section on stretching (with some very nice leg exercises thrown in there). There were actually FOUR 20 minute sections to choose from, I did 3 of them. I did the "focus on abdominals" "posture and stability" and "focus on stretching" sections. I skipped the "importance of breathing" section because I felt like I got the breathing thing down pretty well from 12 weeks of yoga classes. Great workout and I like the people on the DVD!


Elise said...

Did you like Pilates better than Yoga? I have thought about trying it.

timpani76 said...

Pilates is a harder workout, but it does not offer the stress relief I always feel after Yoga.

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