Saturday, November 15, 2008


For being neglectful! I've done this twice now I think, and I am ashamed! I worked out without posting! I ought to be flogged!
Anyway, I worked out with Elise yesterday. We did a ten minute Pilates ab workout, and then bench pressed. I didn't work out today because for some unfathomable reason my right hip is killing me. It doesn't feel like an R. Fever flare up, it feels like I really really really need to pop it, and the longer it goes without popping, the worse it gets. So, anybody have any advice on popping a hip? Also, I'm coming down with a cold, and I'm conserving energy to fight it off before it gets horrible.
We're missing some people once again! C'mon guys, we need to get our healthy habits fully in place before we lose our heads over the holidays! Let's get back on track, and if you're working out and not posting, repent! I know I am. I do believe we are missing some of our stalwart members even (Dana!!). We hit our three month mark this week ladies, let's keep it up! We want to reap the rewards of all our efforts, and we've been seeing some great results, so let's recommit to being SVELTE!!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Maybe have John gently pull on the leg to see if the hip pops back? Or you could try sex ;)

We made it to 3 months! Woo hoo! I hope Dana and Lisa come back after they move :(

Renae said...

Oh no, not the cardinal sin of working out and not posting!!! You funny.

And it's funny, my right hip is out of wack too! It's been kind of a buger for... well ever since I've started having children. But this last week it's really been not fun! We need a chiropractor in the family. I think we should force Trent to go into that. Wouldn't that be nice!