Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 hour

I did something to my neck and it has been hurting all day, so I made sure to think "leisurely swim" thoughts as I swam tonight. I'm also skipping my abs tonight since that always makes my neck ache. I'm jumping back on the abs tomorrow though! I need my abs to keep away that backache!

In diet news, I totally sucked all weekend! I had 2-3 cupcakes a day for 3 days in a row! This is why I do not keep junk in my house since I have 0 willpower (or possibly even -10 on the willpower). I made the cupcakes for my son's b-day, which is the only reason they were in the house in the first place!

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craftyashley said...

I know! I hosted a baby shower and have all these sweet treats left over! I'm so gaining 5lbs. this week.