Friday, November 14, 2008

busy week

I got in workouts every day but Tuesday. I have traded in the Spacial K for All Bran after considering the advice from some of you ladies about fiber. It is working better, I don't get so hungry. Not seeing anything dramatic happen from the diet yet, but the workouts are starting to work, I am feeling muscles I didn't know I had.


craftyashley said...

Good luck! I've had pretty good success substituting lunch with cereal.

timpani76 said...

That would be a great way to get lots of fiber in your diet. Are you using skim milk or something else?

Keep us updated!

Muscle good, fat bad ;)

lizS said...

elise drinks rice milk because she is lactose intolerant. and yeah, i totally am the one who suggested high fiber cereal. that's right, that's me patting myself on the back because i am just that cool. ;)