Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stairs Again

I decided to sleep last night, meaning I did not get up to run with the group. As the kids are off of school for Thanksgiving, I actually got up after the sun for a change. A good night's sleep is a healthy thing too, and I really needed it. So, to make amends for skipping out on my group, I ran my stairs for 30 minutes. (That's all I can take of it, mostly out of boredom though.) Then I finished it off by taking Lydia for a cool down jog around the block 3/4 mile. I'm trying to figure out how to schedule a regular time to take Lydia running. It's high time she got into the fitness groove.

About our arrangement Timpani, I'm excited to start! It's too bad that my kids got sick,and we had to delay, but I'm glad it worked out for you. My kids will all be home on Friday, so lets just plan on starting next week. I'll take my turn out on Fridays and you can take whatever day you like. As for the race, that's this weekend, so training time is over. I'm just hopping to hang on for the 10 miles! Next year, maybe I'll try to actually do good.


timpani76 said...

Ok, well I will stick with Tuesdays for "my day" then. I forgot why I love to go swimming on Mondays, because Tuesdays the lap lanes are swarming with kids in lessons!

Stoooopid kids trying to learn to swim! Darn them!

lizS said...

ahhhh, yes, a full night's sleep is definitly an essential part of being svelte. way to pick the better part, and still workout! you're doing awesome renae!