Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wensday and Thursday

So, if you hadn't picked it up from Elise's post, she and I worked out a little schedule to work out together during the week. So far, after two days, it's working well. We (if I may speak for the stunning and vivacious Elise) are both super pumped up. Our goal is to be super toned, strong, hot and SVELTE by swimsuit season. Who wants to jump on that bandwagon? Let's hear an "AYE!" from the masses!!
Anyway, yesterday, we worked on Elise's elliptical machine. I only did 17 minutes, 'cause that thing was kicking my bootie!! Elise found out from her hubby later that it was set on a really high resistance setting. Doh!! None of that next time! I be a wussie!
Today, we lifted weights. Sooooo much more fun to do with a buddie. We did triceps, biceps, lats and bench press. Later, I did 20 min on my bike at around 14-15 mph for 4.8 miles. My whole little body is jelly.
Nice to hear from Becky! It's been awhile, welcome back!
On a different note, I am holding steady at 136 pounds for my weight, but all my clothes are starting to fit different. My pants are lose, and my shirts look better. Hooray! Some evidence of progress at last!! Also, even after the elliptical machine yesterday, the joints are still fine. Life if super good in the fitness world!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Woo hoo! What's life worth if your clothes are too tight?

craftyashley said...

You are hilarious, Timpani!
5 miles is crazy insane! Way to go!