Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday- Running & Strength 1 Hour

This time with the running, I ran 12 minutes, walked 15 minutes, and then ran another 10 minutes. I was scoping out a new neighborhood with the walking to try to extend the running (when I get there). I came home and did my strength (including 200 crunches and other ab work).

In soda news- I have been sucking this week! I had a caffeinated soda everyday this week. My cold turned into sinus infection, and I've just been tired (blah blah blah, stop whining and stop drinking caffeine too!)


lizS said...

way to go timpani! that must have been one killer workout. and so you had a bad week soda-wise; jump back on the horse! you can do it!

timpani76 said...

Right, commence with the jumping, so says I ;)