Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Question of Tact

I went running again with the group. Back before I had Clayton, the whole big group used to start together at the same time, same place. You just picked your pace and ran with whoever closest matched it. If it turned out that I couldn't keep up with whoever I started out with, I'd just fall back and run with the next group back. Since then, the groups have split up. The slow group still meets at our old time and place. The medium group meets at the same time, but in a different place. The fast group meets at the old place, just like 15 minutes later, I think. We all see each other out on the course, since we all still pretty much follow the same course. Each group has it's own smaller groups within themselves. At one time, I was one of the fastest women in the whole large group. I've been running with the medium group since I've been back from my long absence (bronchitis, broken ribs and baby). I run with the faster group, within the medium group. For now, that is plenty of a challenge. However, today I was the only one who showed up from the fast/medium group. So, I ran with the slow/medium group. It was just too easy. Eventually I'll want to start running with the fast group. Here is the problem, how do I switch groups? When will I know if I'm ready? Most of that group are men, but not all. If the women don't show up, then I could be in trouble trying to keep up. I don't want to insult the people in my medium group by admitting that they are too slow. I also don't want to slow down anyone in the fast group, if it turns out that I'm not quite ready to run with them. As winter is coming on, there will be less and less people to run with. Most of the women prefer to go inside to run on treadmills once it hits below 20 degrees. I am not one of them. From experience, I have a pretty good idea of who will stick it out in the winter. I think my medium group will all evaporate, and I'll be stuck with running with the slowest of the slow, or trying to keep up with (and possibly screwing up their work out a bit) the men. Argh! What to do?

Today's run 5 miles at 5.5 mph.


timpani76 said...

Here's what I would do. I would run with the fast group once a week to push myself, the slow group once a week for the "easy workout" and then I would get Timpani to babysit for me (in exchange for babysitting for her once a week) so I could go running during the day (in the sun) once a week at my own pace.

I would not worry to much about slowing the men down only once a week since men are naturally less competitive and more compassionate towards women. Also, being competitive with each other they might actually welcome an excuse to slow down which otherwise they would not take if they were just running with a bunch of other guys.

Did I miss anything? I think I might have solved your problem, but you can let me know if I screwed it up somehow ;)

craftyashley said...

That's why I run alone. :)