Monday, November 10, 2008

Elise's Monday

Lee and I started our Special K 2-week challenge today. SO, only a bowl of Spec K with rice milk for me for breakfast (I don't do dairy, makes me WAY sick, and I don't like soy very well) and by lunch time I was soooo famished. We are supposed to have snacks of fruits and veggies and Spec K protien bars, but I didn't have much in the house and was too lazy to run to the store. I had a carrot for a snack mid morning, but that just didn't do it. Another bowl of ceral for lunch and I was still starved, so I had another helping, still MORE Spec K. Then I made applesauce muffins with my two little ones and we each ate a couple of those. They were whole grain, that makes it better right??? I had a healthy, light supper, but I think I need to get some veggies and fruits in the house for better snack choices. I don't do well with hunger. :-(

Did 20 minutes on my elliptical tonight.


timpani76 said...

Lots of fruits & veggies will totally help with hunger!

My favs: raw peppers cut in strips (yellow & red are my favorite)
Orange slices (to suck on and generally maim to keep my mouth busy)
peeled baby carrots (they're juicier than big carrots)
cantaloupe (very juicy, so it fills you up)
Kiwi (peeled, obviously)

Hmmm, I'm getting hungry again.

lizS said...

way to go elise! i'll see you in a few minutes.