Monday, November 10, 2008

Sick Today

So no work out. The uneasy fatigue of Saturday has blossomed into a spectacular array of nastiness. Upset stomach, sore throat, chills and fever. Hurrah! So, bed as much as possible until further notice for me.
The main reason I am even posting is because eight days ago I had a conversation with my dear sister in law Renae, of this very blog. She was lamenting having children to get in the way of her exercising. I said, well, doesn't the illustrious Timpani of this very blog live not so far from you? Could you possibly work something out with her? I'm sure she would appreciate some kid-free work out time as well. You could perhaps swap babysitting, or become work out buddies like Elise and I, or something. To which Renae replied that she was way to much of a wimp to ask. So, I gave her a week to pluck up the courage to call Timpani, and I have heard nothing of it, so I assume she wussed out. So, what say you Timp? No is a perfectly acceptable riposte. However, I refuse to be the go-between any longer, so you will have to direct all further negotiations directly to Renae. If you are missing her phone number, you have but to ask, and I will graciously supply you with it, via email.
Your welcome, Renae.
The Almighty Liz, AKA The Merciful Mediary.


timpani76 said...

Wow, when I joked you guys about the Secret Society of Sister in Laws website thing, I had no idea you were talking about me. I'm pretty embarrassed right now for some reason.

Uh, ok, Renae--I have only one kid from 8:30am-2pm five days a week. Do you want to switch off for 2 hours one day a week (like I watch your two littler ones Mon. 9-11 and you watch my little one Wed. 9-11)?
I have a phone book, if you want me to call you?

Lisie said...

Liz I am so sorry you are sick! Please let me know when we are doing too much in our workouts together! Feel better!