Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday and Saturday

Pretty mild workouts. I walked to the grocery store instead of driving yesterday. And I didn't take my kids, so I kept myself to a pretty brisk pace. Much more like my pace before I got sick. It was way hard, lol! And today John and I watched Elise and her husband's children (we alternate weekends for free dates, it's the BEST) and we walked to a nearby playground at Jonni's school. Here's the cool thing though; the last time we walked to that playground I was in agony by the time we got home. All of my joints were killing me, but this time, nothing!! This is so great! That light at the end of the tunnel is going from a pinprick light to something much bigger!
The Almighty Liz


craftyashley said...

Alright, Liz!

timpani76 said...

I love walking, it's so easy on your body and it feel sooooo good to be able to exercise with the kids.