Monday, February 23, 2009

At the lake...

So Thursday, I went with my friends to the lake to not fish, but play D & D until Sunday. It was great. Unfortunately, it left my last workout at Tuesday. I had much of Thursday to work out, but did not. I determined to do some serious walking to make up for it and succeeded. Friday and Saturday, I walked for 30 minutes. Yipee!

A funny side note, when I left Friday morning, I told my friend that I was going to walk for 30 minutes. He said, "Oh. Baby steps, huh." I'll be honest, I had some less charitable thoughts then. When I came back, I found out he heard "3 minutes"! We all felt bad.

I need to work out tonight. I will see how that goes. ;)


lizS said...

lol! three minutes! that's funny. good job getting a workout in even though you were on vacation. woohoo!!

Hoba Chi said...

I did manage to do a 15 minute "ground and pound" plus cooldown knees and round kicks the day of this post.