Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Swimming 1 hour Abs 10 minutes

I was doing great for the first 30 minutes, and then this flappy lumberjack shows up and has to share a lap lane with me (there were 4 other guys swimming again, yeah). This guy was so hard to share a lane with! I was hugging the lane divider trying to stay out of his way, and he still hit me twice. I was so glad when he left after 20 minutes. I actually got sympathetic looks from the other guy swimmers because they could see how hard this guy was to share a lane with. Also, still sore from yoga.


craftyashley said...

Heh, flappy lumberjack. You girls are really making me chuckle lately!

lizS said...

you should have hit him back! or kicked him when he went by. glad he went away though! and good workout!