Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Biking Wednesday

Bruce put our spare bike on the trainer, over the weekend. I dragged it up the stairs and did some indoor biking. The thing about indoor biking is that your legs never get to pause, where as biking outside for real, you usually do coast just a bit. I guess I'm not used to biking anymore (if I ever was). It was hard. With running, my body is so used to it, that I just get into a groove, and I could just keep running and running. That's why switching things up is a good thing. I had intended to bike for 30 minutes, but I was watching Shine (one of my favorites) and I paused for a breather just when David is practicing for the big contest. That's my favorite part of the movie. I just love to watch all of the hard piano work. Makes me want to do some pounding done on the piano of my own. I really need to get back to my piano. I've been very bad since I quit my lessons after Clayton. I'm just not whole without my piano. Anyway, I got distracted and took an overly long break, with just 4 minutes to go, so I punished myself by adding an extra six minutes. 36 minutes total average speed 17.2 mph.


timpani76 said...

I love Shine! I did not even think about it appealing to people who play piano until I read your post.

I also love indoor biking ;)

Does it seem to use all the same muscles as outdoor biking? I keep hoping I'll just be able to hop straight from exercise bike to outdoor bike this spring.

Renae said...

I think it depends on what kind of bike you are riding indoor. Mine is a regular bike on a trainer (a thing that turns your bike into a stationary bike), so it should be about the same. I'm not sure how different it is on a regular stationary bike. Is your body positioned about the same as it would be on a regular bike?