Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liz let me in....

Howdy. For those who do not know me, I am Timpani's husband. I am supposed to test for a black belt in Kajukenbo in April so I am trying to up the fitness level.
Because my instructor did not want to see me doing- no offense- girl push-ups and the other guy testing is a youngster who blew out his shoulders, so he decided it would be great for us to do shadowboxing for 15 minutes straight instead. :P That will be coupled with the at least 5 rounds each of stand-up sparring, grappling and undisclosed activities.
I have done this week:
Monday- 25 minutes of aerobic activity (20 stationary biking, 5 minutes "ground and pound" on a kicking shield and a couple of non-counted minutes of knees and low kicks in the air.)
Tuesday- 20 minutes of stationary biking
Wednesday- 25 minutes of aerobic activity (5 minutes "ground and pound" and 20 stationary biking w/martial art hand techniques)
Thursday- taught the Kajukenbo (martial art) class tonight for an hour. Various activities, probably had 20 minutes+ in there somewhere.)
Except for today, I also stood in horse stance for 2-3 minutes at work.
("Ground and pound" is taking a kicking shield treating like a grappling opponent, striking it, switching positions, striking more, rinse, repeat.)

Thanks for having me.


craftyashley said...

Why hello there! And good work so far!

timpani76 said...

Sneaky sneaky bear! Not telling me you wanted to join the fitness blog!

And, good job on the exercise bike! I did not realize you got it in 3 times ;)

lizS said...

yay erik! very nice start indeed! keep it up man, and you will be drool worthy in no time!!