Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've had an off week...

I blame the economy and George Bush! :P

Monday, I did 15 minutes of half-hearted "ground and pound" and 5 minutes of knees and low kicks.

Tuesday, was the day QQ was sick, so we were distracted. (Read the post.) I did walk 15ish minutes to go get ginger ale and unsalted crackers for "she whose name cannot be pronounced."

Wednesday, I stretched.

Thursday, I went to my martial arts class.

Friday, gaming, so no exercise, though I did stretch at work.

Saturday, nothing so far and my hamstring started hassling me Friday in the AM. :(


craftyashley said...

Ha! Let's blame everything on the economy! My feet hurt- darn you, economy!

timpani76 said...

Sick kids are a great excuse, but only if you're the mommy ;)