Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hopefully for a good long run this time, lol! I've been over the bronchitis for a couple of weeks, but a week ago, while John and I were fixing a problem at our extra house, I fell down the basement stairs. This was not a feet slip and slide down on your bootie fall, it was a head over heels and all kinds of banging and bruising rolling kind of fall. It hurt, I had some injuries, though nothing was broken. A twisted ankle, and mangled wrist, and a wrenched shoulder (that was the worst) and lots of bruises. Just call me Bella Cullen.
So, but yesterday I got back on the horse (or bike) and boy, it was hard. Hopefully I can do the same again today, since we are headed back up to the extra house tomorrow to fix yet another disaster.
I did five minutes at 12-13 mph covering one mile. Then I rested for ten minutes, and did another five, only a bit slower this time at 11-12 mph covering .9 miles for a total of 1.9. Not too bad, although reading everyone else's stats for the bike is depressing. Especially their first times. *sigh* But I will persevere! I will WIN! No pity for me! I am an ANIMAL!
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

I wondered how you were doing! That sounds like a bad fall. I'm going to put that in the "things that only happen to Liz" category ;)

lizS said...

seriously. it wasn't even the nasty stairs, the stairs that everyone is afraid of. oooooh no, i fall down the "safe" stairs, the ones made out of concrete that have nothing but more concrete at the bottom. at least i have no serious injuries, lol!