Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day One of The Schedule

Totally didn't work at all. My family kept me up too late to be able to get up and do my workout. I let it slide and tried to go on with the rest of the day as scheduled. I ended up doing housework all morning, the afternoon at the grocery store, and then cooking and getting ready for FHE and didn't get to touch my piano. However, I was a good girl and didn't spend hardly anytime on this computer, so that being one of my major problems, I'm happy with that part. I'm not giving up on my "schedule" though I'm not a fool enough to think that I'll actually get to stick to it much. It's more of a guideline. Today's workout is getting screwed up because I can't go and run hills in this snow. I'll just do Wednesday's workout today, and hope the roads will be cleared enough to run with the group then. As it's two in the morning, I'm going back to bed. Nighty night. I wonder if school will be canceled. We shall see.

School was canceled and I did lower body strength training followed by 40 minutes on the bike avg speed 16.5 mph. My legs are very tired! Now for piano, will I get a minute to do it?

One hour of piano, but I didn't feel like I accomplished anything.

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