Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Walking/Running 35 minutes

Running Report- Only 5 minutes of running, for about 1/2 mile. I walked the other 1 1/2 miles. I loved the sunshine! I also did 10 minutes of light yard stuff after I got back.

Plus- 1 and a 1/2 hours of electrical work in the upstairs nursery (which involved lots of going up and down the stairs for various reasons). I pulled out, or wrapped & capped, a bunch of exposed ugly wiring that was right next to the baby's crib. I then covered the holes with blank wall plates. I think changing that light fixture last month gave me the added know how to figure out what to do with this wiring. Plus, I had some tips from my older sister when she came to visit a few weeks ago (who has a tech degree in electrical engineering). Another pre-baby project out of the way! Yay!


lizS said...

good job! i must feel awesome to be so on top of the baby preparation! go you!

Renae said...

Dang, can you give me a shot of some of your motivation mojo thing you got going on?

timpani76 said...

My main motivation being that I know how COMPLETELY useless I am for at least 6 months after having a baby! I'm lucky to find the motivation to pick up a broom or a sponge after having a baby ;)

Dana Cheryl said...


You're making me feel empowered as a woman!!!!