Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kajukenbo today

Like to say that you all dwarf my efforts. I salute you!

So anyway, I had a pretty good work out tonight. I had the kids do squat sets. This is pretty close to it w/ more reps. and breaks in between every three sets. The intent being to work through all of our hand techniques. (My thighs were dying.)

After that I just had them work some of the same techniques on standing bags.


Dana Cheryl said...

What a cool workout!! It's really awesome that you love your exercise.

lizS said...

*sigh* you make me want to get back into martial arts so bad!!

timpani76 said...

Erik is my martial arts stud muffin! Keep up the good work honey!

Hoba Chi said...

Thanks Dana.

Liz, you know a lot still. Just get in a horse stance and go at!

Thanks Timpani! :)