Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interesting Info

Hey ladies. I know I never really show my face around here, but I ran across these two websites today, and thought you'd find them interesting. At least they may help us all make better choices when we get to go out to eat. I, who know basically nothing about calories and nutrition, was appalled by what I read at these sites. Here are the links:

I had to type those links out by hand, so hopefully I didn't make any mistakes and you can get there. If I did make mistakes, copy and paste.


lizS said...

wow. just, wow. especially the review on cold stone's shakes. yikes!! thanks for the articles, mary!

timpani76 said...

Fast food is the devil, and I can't stay away!

Dana Cheryl said...

It's sooooo good to see you here!

Please keep posting!! Love the articles. It's will help me say NO! next time I'm feeling tempted.