Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday--More Strength Training

So, I figure Mondays and Fridays would be good strength training days. Mondays, I have little energy for some reason to pour into cardio. Fridays, after a long week, I have little energy again.
Oh! On Saturday, I did an hour of grocery shopping.
I wanted to work on all the opposite muscle groups of the ones I did on Friday, so this is what I did;
Hamstrings-on the weight bench thingy. Laying flat on your stomach, hook your ankles under the padded weight things, and bend your legs. 23.1 lbs for a set of three, ten reps each.
Shins-this is something I learned in physical therapy a million years ago. It actually works your shins and your calves, but since my calves need special, extra attention anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt. Get an exercise band, those big long elastic-y things, and hook it around your toe, holding the ends real tight (lots of tension) with your hands. Point your toe real slow, and then flex it as far as you can real slow. It works better with shoes because you don't have to worry about the band bending your toes back. they need to stay unflexed the whole time. Three sets at ten reps each.
Biceps-regular curls, standing up straight. 5 lbs+whatever the hand bar weighs, so probably around 7 lbs total. Three sets at ten reps each on each arm.
Ten minutes of Pilate's abs.
And boy was I sore after last Friday!! I love being sore! I feel like I accomplished something, lol! Not looking forward to tomorrow though.
The Almighty Liz


Renae said...

Good job! Keep it up. I like being sore too. Weird.

Dana Cheryl said...

I, too, like feeling sore. I sleep well & a few days after the initial soreness I start feeling awesome!