Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is time for Renae to make her come back! I've had it with the winter lazies! I've had it with getting pummeled by those I used to pummel in the running group! Race season will be here before you know it, and Renae will be READY!! I'm going to kick some booty in the next biathlon! ROAR!!! Today I ran with the group. I did the crazy goat HILL course. This is the for real hill run. Any time I've said that I did hills before, it was nothing to this hill course (except maybe a time or two in Branson). I've got to brag on my peeps! They are some crazy good runners. Pretty much everybody but me is constantly in training for some marathon or another. These people are serious die hards, and they train some crazy, insane, big hills! Have you ever been to downtown Alton? So, for the second time ever (the other time being a couple of years ago), I went on the hill route. I'll definitely go back and do it again next Tuesday. I need the booty kickage.


lizS said...

go renae! great enthusiasm!! how's the hip?! i totally know you will kick bootie at your biathalon! yay for you!

timpani76 said...

Running season needs to watch out for Renae! Conquering hills is my favorite, good for you!