Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday & Saturday

I did some piano on Thursday, but unfortunately I did not yesterday :(

Since my hip problem, I've just not gotten back into the swing of things. I've been LAZY about working out for too long. It's irritating me in many ways, not only am I considerably slower than I used to be, but my scale has started going in the wrong direction. It's nothing horrible, just a gradual 5 lbs. So anyway, I decided it was high time I got back with the program. However I over did it. Yesterday I started in writing down everything I ate just so I could make sure that I keep my calorie count in check. So after a day of dieting, I hopped on the bike and rode 40 minutes (which was tougher than usual). This morning I woke up and went running with the group. I did two loops which equals about 12 ish miles. Our first loop was with a faster girl and for someone planning to do 2 loops, it was too fast for me. (My first loop was her 2nd. She put in 16 miles today. Those crazy marathoners! Everyone in the group is, except me. Several people were doing 19 and 20 miles today - and this is totally typical) I did okay on our first 6 mile loop, but I bonked HARD on the second. I have never felt that bad during a work out ever. I guess I had it coming though. I've been lazy lately and haven't done that distance in a long time, I started a diet yesterday, biked at the end of the day last night, and I didn't eat anything before I ran this morning (I usually don't) I ran the first 6 way too fast considering that I was planning to do 13, and I just started my period. It all added up and I crashed hard! I felt awful! Totally spent and even a little dizzy and shaky. The bad thing about it being cold outside is that while running feels great, if you stop and walk you get COLD (I was only wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt and no gloves). So I started feeling really bad about 2.5 away from my van. I stopped and walked several times, but you just can't walk for too long or else you will freeze. Anyway I made it back, but it was BAD!! I stopped at Shop -n- Save on the way home and got some orange juice and a bunch of other stuff. I totally don't care how much I eat today. I've been done running for about an hour and a half and I've already had a thing of OJ, a 170 cal, 8 grams of fat granola bar, a banana, two chocolate pop-tarts and a large glass of milk. Shutting up now.


timpani76 said...

It sounds like your body needs some food (fat and protein)! I never diet when I'm on my period since I get sick so easily around that time. And, you are prone to anemia anyway.

Plus, you did try to run twice last week, but you were not able due to other people not showing up.

Dana Cheryl said...

For heaven's sake!

What a day!!

Eat what ya feel like ya want!!!

lizS said...

sounds like you need some meat! and fluids! take care of yourself, woman! this is NOT the make-yourself-sick blog, it's the svelte blog!

Renae said...

Yes, I totally agree that I jumped in a little more enthusiastically than prudently.