Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yeah, so after my big talk on Tuesday, I didn't do a lot this week. I'm a loser! I did a speed work workout on the bike yesterday. 10 burst as fast as I could go for 30 seconds with 1:30 light biking in between. It felt too short to be a good work out. Bruce assures me that I'm mistaken about that. I was sweating and breathing totally hard. My top speed was 25 mph.

I've decided I need a huge dose of discipline lately, so I've mapped out a schedule for myself starting tomorrow (Monday). I hope I stick to it. I've planned myself plenty of workout time and PIANO. My sadly neglected piano! ARGH! Back to work. Less of this computer crap!

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timpani76 said...

So, uh, like 15 minutes total? I will have to try this after being pregnant. I read that sprinting was a no no during pregnancy, so I have been avoiding bike sprinting and swim sprints as well.