Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Walking 1 hour

I was pushing the two kids in the stroller for part of the time. They kept switching off, but towards the end they both got kind of tired. I think I covered about 2 1/2 miles?

Also- I've been cleaning out the basement for the last 2 hours, and updating our 72 hour kits. All these natural disasters are making me nervous!


lizS said...

do you have a double stroller? because we have one we don't use and are looking to get rid of if you want it. ;)

timpani76 said...

Ha ha, funny story, we have two! One will work better for a little baby and QQ, and the other will be better when the baby gets to be about 6-8 months old.

So, yeah, we are all set. Do you want me to ask around? You could have your mom ask the Glen Carbon e-mail person, and I could send out an e-mail to the Edwardsville Ward for anyone who wants one. The only things I would need to know are: color, brand, and how old it is (approximately).

lizS said...

nah, i haven't asked around my own ward yet. just thought i'd give my friend first dibs!