Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better late than never

Hello everybody. Nice to hear you are all doing well. I am officially sore. Monday I attended a step aerobics class and then did some running on a treadmill. Then after all of that I had to work that night. So add, oh, another ten hours of walking or standing to that. Needless to say a hot bath was in order Tuesday.
Anyway, today I did basically the same thing minus the class but with some elliptical work and biking instead. Still pretty sore, but feeling much better.
Oh, and Timpani, if something genuinely hurts it is much better to baby it for a bit than end up on crutches later. Take it from someone who knows. Hope you feel better soon.


lizS said...

hey, are you alisha? welcome!! and way to start the workouts with a bang, lol! please don't kill yourself in the first week. it makes the blog look bad. ;)

Renae said...

Alisha? Hey nice to see you. As in Alisha Shea? Cool. Welcome to blogger world.

timpani76 said...

Oh right! Like I'm going to take advice from a nurse!!!

Good job on the workouts ;)

What muscles does the elliptical machine mainly work out?

Hobble1976 said...

Well, it depends on the machine you use. The ones I focus on are like you are cross country skiing.