Monday, December 15, 2008

Technical Difficulties

My computer is being uber horky lately, and hasn't been letting me post. We'll see if it let's me this time.
Last week was kind of a light week. I lifted weights with Elise twice, and we did some mall walking on Wednesday, and that's about it for me. Erik was sick all last week, which put a damper on things, because I was up all night with him a few nights in a row. I'm now coming down with it, so I dunno how this week will go. I'm feeling not so horrible right now, just exhausted with a little cough. Hopefully that's as bad as it will get! We'll see how I'm feeling after naps if I'm going to work out or not.
Lovely weather we're having here in the midwest! It took my husband twenty minutes to break his car out of our ice-encased garage. Good stuff.
Try not to let the weather affect your working out! Work out inside! Get creative. Renae runs up and down her stairs, or you could put on some good music and dance like a crazy person. It will help keep the winter doldrums at bay, too. And try to get enough rest and nourishment, because it's flu season, and getting sick bites.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Don't let sickness slow you down too much. You need to sleep more than John, so make him be up with sick kids so you can exercise!

Hobble1976 said...

Geez! All you need is more illness. Take care of yourself and drink lots of fluids. And ditto on the sleep. John is a big boy. He can handle it.