Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, I'm having a bad week workout wise. I was feeling bad so I decided to try a speed workout today for something different. Bruce tells me I did it wrong. I went to the flat side of the block, started at one end and just ran as fast as I could to the other end (about 0.2 miles). I couldn't even make it the whole way at that speed. I walked for a minute, till I got my breath back then I did it over and over again. I did this for about 15-20 minutes and then I'd had enough. I decided I'd just finish up with a few laps around the block at my regular speed. I made it one time and then I had to quit because I had a stitch in my side. Maybe I should have run more, but I didn't feel like it. Plus, it was dark out by then, and I'm not comfortable running by myself in the dark. I quit. Does that even count for a real workout? Oh well, I'll work out Thur, Fri and Sat to make it not a bad week.

Bruce says that a speed workout should be bursts of running fast, but not as fast as you possibly can. I guess that's because you can't keep up that pace for long.

On an up note, I think I've broken through another plateau. I am now at 149 lbs. That's within 10 lbs of my goal weight.


timpani76 said...

So, that was like 30 minutes right? That sounds like a great intense workout! Erik keeps talking about this speed workout too (he read it in some magazine). I think it sounds too confusing, and I would rather just do the straight running or biking or whatever.

craftyashley said...

Wow- only 10 more left! I'm so envious. Good work!

lizS said...

good for you renae! that's awesome!! i think your workout was just fine. and hooray on your weight!! that must feel so good!

Hobble1976 said...

Fantastic Renae. It definitely sounds like a workout to me.

Now by speed workout, does Bruce mean varying the intensity so that it burns more fat? I think I had read something about that somewhere.

Hobble1976 said...
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