Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday- St. Bike 30 minutes, Strength 30 minutes, Abs 10 minutes

My foot did really well with the bike, but my butt hurt after like 10 minutes. I found one of the kids' animal pillows to put on the seat and I made it another 20 minutes. I might start calling it my "zebra butt workout" just for fun. I also did the strength and got up to 220 crunches with my ab workout.

To answer Liz--I don't think I did one specific thing to my foot, I think it was hurting I just ignored it until it was hurting so bad I could hardly walk two steps. Note to self- do not ignore pain!!! It's getting better with some memory foam type foot inserts, but I'm guessing at least a week until all better.


lizS said...

well at least the bike doesn't bother it, yay! and you could, when you have extra cash to throw around, invest in a good bike seat from like a bike shop. i was gonna, until my upright one broke, and we got the recumbant one instead. cause yeah, the seats they come with are no good. make you sore in all kinds of unladylike places. ;)

timpani76 said...

I think I'll just try and break in my rear end like with a regular bike. If I remember, it just takes 3-4 times of biking to get those parts used to the abuse.