Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 hour, abs 10 minutes

Last days of my cold/flu slowed me down. Also, I was the only one swimming, so no competition to keep me going. Blah, winter doldrums.

Did I mention that the backstroke has replaced the freestyle as the stroke I spend the most time doing? I can go faster and I do not have to worry so much about timing my breathing (like the freestyle). I still don't feel like I'm doing the breast stroke right, so I need to work on that as well.


Hobble1976 said...

I wish I could go with you sometimes. I could help you a bit with form. I can advise you on anything except the butterfly. (I still don't get that one. Probably because I am ultra-uncoordinated.)

timpani76 said...

Why can't you go with me? I go almost every Monday night for the 7-8:30 open swim. Only $3 at the YMCA in Edwardsville, and if you need a babysitter, Erik can pitch in.