Thursday, December 18, 2008


Haven't posted in a bit because I usually do it when Ahlanna naps, and guess what? She has refused to sleep the last couple of days. Anyway, Tuesday I did my usual cardio workout. Wednesday I did weights. (Oh, how I hate weights!) And though I was still sore, I did cardio again today stepping up the running speed by half a mile an hour. As a result I had to shorten my biking a bit due to jello-leg syndrome, but that is ok. Tomorrow I might join in with the class depending on which one it is, or just try to chill a little bit to give my poor physique some rest. We'll see.


timpani76 said...

Do you do cardio on a treadmill? You mean running right?

I used to really hate weights too, but now I've become ambivalent to them. My strength workout is still not my fave, but since I started doing it twice a week it as become easier.

Add me as sore, we can be Sore & Tired. The dynamic workout duo!

lizS said...

can i be sick? then we can be Sore, Sick and Tired, the Ultimate Workout Trio!
good job alisha!

timpani76 said...

Sore, Tired, & Sick, the dynamic workout avengers! Proving that pissing and moaning does not make you bad at exercise!