Friday, October 9, 2009

Stretching the Meaning of Svelte, But Bear With Me

My stinking hip is still not good. I went to the chiropractor, but I don't feel any better. Wondering if I should go again, or if it still won't help. Do I just run with the pain? Don't know. I think I'll try the bike in the basement today.

Anyway, on another subject. This is the blog where we keep track of our goals and are accountable to each other right? This might not pertain to fitness, but I REALLY need someone to report to. I do the fitness thing without this blog thing, but I have a harder time fitting in piano. I'm wanting to go back to school in a few years (as a music ed / piano major), so I really need to put in some serious time on the piano between now and then. Harlan always says that players of piano are small muscle athletes, and that is true. So for those reasons, I'm going to be posting my piano practices. Like it or not. I just want someone to report to, in hopes to keep me on track. You can ignore them, if you want to.

Here's what I've done today:

F Major scales 10 minutes 60 beats per minute = alternating between quarter, eight, triplets and sixteenth notes.

F Major arpeggios 5 minutes

F Major dominant 7th arpeggios 5 minutes

F minor natural, harmonic and melodic scales 5 minutes

30 minutes Chopin Etude, pages 1-3.

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Hoba Chi said...

Bravo, Maestra! BRAVO!