Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Pregnancy Aerobics DVD 55 minutes, Walking 45 minutes

I walked 2 miles again with the kids in the double stroller.

Leisa Hart: FitMama - Prenatal Workout Review- In my defense, all the other prenatal workouts I have done have been major wussy workouts. I totally was not expecting to have to work this hard! First, it starts out with 20 minutes of salsa dance, and then 25 minutes of "yoga". Yeah, she made the yoga majorly aerobic. I was hoping for more stretches to pull out this shoulder that has been bugging me, but it was not that kind of yoga. Very good workout, but not good for a "light workout" like I was expecting.


Renae said...

Good workout, but what is up with that font?

timpani76 said...

I could not change it no matter how many times I tried! Grrrr!

Renae said...

I've had that problem with blogger too. It's a glitch. It seems like once you change the size, it won't go back to normal. I've even tried changing it with the html window, but it still doesn't work.