Thursday, October 29, 2009


I biked 40 minutes on the trainer. Average speed 19.2.

Oh, and Chopin and Schubert are going to have to take a rest. Holy Freak, I just agreed to play piano for the Stake Christmas Cantata!!!! I'm totally excited and totally scared! I'm going to have to tie my butt to the piano bench for the next month an a half! I know I can play well, it's just that no one else does. Not even Bruce knows how I can really play. I just get so nervous when I have to play in front of people! What have I DONE?!


lizS said...

CONGRATULATIONS RENAE!! that is so freakin' awesome!!! and you can totally do this. i mean, you are perfect, right? lol!!

timpani76 said...

Ummm, you might try some visualizations (going to your "happy place") while you perform. Or, you could put in ear plugs so you can basically only hear the piano, and not other background people noise. Ok, I'm out of suggestions after that.