Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wednesday- Exercise Bike 50 minutes

Grapefruit Diet Day Two--Only day two, and I already cheated. Dang. I just had half a piece of pumpkin dump cake that I made for my little New Year's Eve get together. I made it with Splenda though!

In exercise news--I was worried that my bottom would go back to hurting like crazy since I missed the exercise bike last week, but no! Yay to not sore bottoms!


mills said...

Exercise bike are highly popular for good reasons. Much of the stationary bikes appeal comes from the friendly familiarity of the exercise, even if you have never been near a bike since you were a kid. The low start-up resistance means you are up and exercising in no time, burning far and improving your cardio fitness.

craftyashley said...

That's why I'm waiting to start until after the holidays... which is tomorrow, I guess. I can't diet around parties.