Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday- Strength Workout with running in place- 1 Hour

Day Three of the Grapefruit Diet--My body is getting used to dieting again. Yay! The hunger pains and intense cravings have stopped, and I'm mostly just suffering from caffeine withdrawal at this point since I had a caffeinated soda every day of Christmas week. Why is it so easy to get addicted to caffeine? I swear it's more insidious than heroin and definitely more ubiquitous.

Also, getting back into working out after my easy workout week last week is taking its toll in adding fatigue as well. I hope to be back up to speed and still doing well by Monday.


Renae said...

you are just too good!

craftyashley said...

Awesome! I will soon be joining the ranks tomorrow- and buying massive amounts of grapefruits from Smiths.