Thursday, January 8, 2009


On top of having a cold- I busted my knee. (somehow- I haven't exactly been "going at it") Why does my body refuse to act my age? I'm only 25! Who has cranky knees at 25? I can tell when a storm is coming in because my knees creak! That is something my grandma would say- and she's in her late 70's!

...anyone know some good strength training for crappy knees?


timpani76 said...

Stairs is almost all knees. Exercise bikes really work the knees. Ummm, I'm out.

But, most of the time, they just tell you to lose weight when you have bad knees. Sorry!

timpani76 said...

Oh wait! My sister (only 27, but has had bad knees since 14) was told walking would strengthen all of her trick parts (feet, ankles, knees, & back). She also had to get special shoe inserts to align her spine correctly though. Maybe get some really good shoes?

Renae said...

Actually biking is very good for the knees. Bruce has had to have knee surgery twice, and biking definitly helps. An orthopedic surgeon friend of ours said that biking is like putting oil on a creaky hinge for your knees.

Hobble1976 said...

Ditto. Biking is good for knees. Very low impact, and strengthens the thigh muscles which helps the kneecap "track" better.
Just as an FWI, I was told after I injured my own knee that womens knees have a tendency to drift to the side when we straighten them. By strenghtening the muscles above the knee it helps your kneecap "track" correctly.