Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday- Swimming 1 Hour Abs 10 minutes

So, I went off the grapefruit diet since I only lost 1 lb in 10 days, I think. I may weigh myself in a few more days. I'm back on a low sugar low calorie diet starting today. That seems to be more flexible for my kid filled lifestyle and it does not involve drinking yucky yucky grapefruit juice either.

Swimming- I felt great and it was a great workout! I was a little worried since I was sick for 4 days that I would not be able to swim for the full hour, but I did, and I swam great too. I even had energy leftover to do my abs for the day!

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Hobble1976 said...

I had wondered about the whole grapefruit diet thing. I love grapefruit, but I would never try eating it on a regular basis. And you didn't sound like you liked it at all. I think when it comes down to it the key to losing weight comes down to portion size, not restricting yourself to one type of food or another.

Great that you could get in some swimming.