Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday-- Exercise Bike 50 minutes 10 minutes abs

Grapefruit Diet Days Six & Seven- I took a little 150 calorie carb break today, but that was the only deviation from the diet for the last two days. Yay!

I skipped the pool today because I was really tired, and I have been since Friday, so I thought I should take it easy and not over do it. I might try to go swimming Friday night if I can get a sitter.


lizS said...

so how long does the diet last again? is it a permanent thing? seems a bit extreme for permanency. good job!

timpani76 said...

Nope, just trying it for 12 days, which I think is how long the two bottles of Grapefruit juice I bought will last ;) This one is NOT as extreme as Atkins and I lasted two week on Atkins.

I might try the Southbeach diet after this, since I've never had that one.