Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Dieting and Exercising

Yes, I do not like the grapefruit diet. Anything that takes me away from my raisin nut bran in the morning is just not happening. I need the raisin nuttiness to get through the day. And I don't really like meat- so I guess I was just kidding myself. There's no way this diet could work for me. :(
On an exercising front- I got a Wii Fit. I'm really excited. But the weigh in was really unfortunate. I have lost a ton of weight- but apparently that didn't stop the Wii from putting me in the "obese" catergory. Ouch! Then the Mii on the screen proceeded to blow up to unbelievable size. Great. Now I'm stuck with a chubby Mii for the duration of my workouts. The yoga was really hard! I'm still hopeful that it will be fun. It has to be better than the gym!


timpani76 said...

I like the meat, but the bacon first thing in the morning kind of grosses me out. I'm used to a banana and a cereal bar. But, like I said, I just got on the diet to break up the doldrums and do something different.

You know, that Wii probably does not take into account bone structure, fat percentage, and they might not even take into account your height. "Obese" just means more than 50 lbs overweight. I was technically obese until I got below 197. I think the number is pretty arbitrary and you should go more by how healthy you feel now where you are at.

At least you're not "morbidly obese" which means 100 lbs or more overweight ;)

craftyashley said...

Yes. That morbidly part really does make a difference!

...although it made me feel better that my nice and toned hubby landed in the "overweight" category. :)

timpani76 said...

What??? Get out! Logan is NOT overweight! What scale is this?

lizS said...

lol! you haven't seen logan in few years. the married life has softened him considerably.