Friday, October 17, 2008

DC's Thursday

Lynette (Curves Owner/Personal Trainer) worked out with me today. First she had me double up my time on the machines during my first circuit at Curves. Afterwards she led me in a personal ab/hips/thighs/buns workout. Oh my goodness! I am so sore. After we ended I literally could not lift my leg. Seriously. I was a quivering mess. So I rested and regained enough strength to drive home. We start weights on Monday in addition to the amped up Curves circuits and additional workout. We're getting this biggest loser thing started right.

Breakfast: Boiled egg on Ezekiel toast w/ butter & Marmite, small apple

Snack: 2 oranges

Lunch: chicken soup

Snack: trail mix

Dinner: chicken bbq pizza & 1 breadstick

Dessert: brownie


lizS said...

lol! that's how i was after cleaning my house yesterday! i literally collapsed into my couch, and didn't move for like twenty minutes. don't injure yourself, but i think you are doing fabulous!

timpani76 said...

I think that's why I work out at home so much. I've had workouts where I barely made it to the couch!

Dang! I still have to find some of that Ezekiel bread. Maybe I'll try to look today ;)