Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday; walking and a little toning

Hi everyone,

Somebody did 200 crunches! Wow! And Liz with the weights--good job!

I didn't get out of bed early enough Wednesday to get any workout in, but today I got up and walked before my kids were up (6:15), only a short walk because it was dark and foggy out there. Then I came in and did some leg lifts and squats and other strength/resistance stuff. I am finally getting a little motivated! Hooray!



lizS said...

you women who get up and get your workouts in before your kids get up amaze and hold me in awe. there is no way-even before the illness-that i could, or would have done that, lol! rock on! and elise, you are off to an amazing start! keep it up sugar!

lizS said...

oh, and if you back read a little, i posted some intros to everybody, i think wensday or tuesday last. because it's nice to at least know where everyone fits!

timpani76 said...

It took me a long time to get up to 200 crunches, so don't let someone else's big numbers scare you ;)

I am also in awe of people who get up early to exercise!